About Company

Who we are?

Office Construction is a general contractor company, with specialization in the indoors construction, finishing, engineering, and design works, practicing complex approach to the construction and fitting out of the commercial property objects.

Since 2005, the Company offers to its Customers the full service package for renovation of office premises from Shell&Core state into a full-fledged business space: starting from development of primary concept of the project and down to substantial completion, including the full spectrum of construction and finishing works, as well as amounting, commissioning and start-up of the engineering systems.

Office Construction team consists of top notch professionals with solid background in construction. Our priority is to create the best possible business environment for our Customers. The working process is arranged in a way, when every team member contributes in the project and takes on responsibility for the general result.

Project managers are in contact with the Customer for as long as 24/7, at the construction site there is a mobile office arranged – this approach allows for optimization of the timeframes as well as of the approvals and general coordination processes.

All of the above, in common with our great experience in implementation of complex and unique projects, enables us to come up with optimal solutions at all stages of the project, with consideration of all specificities and strict timeframe and budget control.

Why us?

  • Successful experience in implementing large-scale projects for major Ukrainian companies and representative offices of foreign corporations
  • An integrated approach to project
  • Quality control of all stages of the life cycle of office
  • Ability to implement complex projects as well as separate areas of work
  • An experienced and professional staff
  • Using high quality materials

Facts about us

  • Office Construction Ltd "Office Konstrakshn"
  • On the market since 2005
  • 50 customers
  • 100 completed projects
  • Official Partner of Office Solutions Ukraine